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New York To Brussels: Passive House Educational

New York To Brussels: Passive House Educational

Location:  Brussels, Belgium

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With Passive House gaining traction in the US, with Right Events helping to deliver an impressive, multi-state training program, it was vital that the benefits and goals of the industry were demonstrated to their fullest and with New York quickly becoming the next leading light in adopting the Passive House standard PHA wanted to take a delegation of key contributors and groups from New York to the home of Passive House, the beautiful city of Brussels, where it is now a mandated standard.


The Client

Passive House is recognised as the leading eco building standard and is a fast-growing technique for new buildings and retro fitting.

Passive House Academy delivers accredited Passive House training and training materials across the globe with the US being a major stronghold.


Deliver Passive House Academy's first International educational.

Event Services

  • Project management
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  • International venue & activity co-ordination
  • Travel & transport management
  • Budget management
  • Marketing


Due to the complexity of the itinerary and working with the Brussels Environment agency we started narrowing down the sites (buildings and facilities) we wanted the demonstrate to the delegation. Filling the remaining hours of the day with presentations and networking with key figures in Brussels Government and building development meant that delegates were provided with a packed but incredibly educational experience.

Whilst we wanted to keep delegates busy on their 3-day trip to Europe we didn’t want it to be all work. With the educational aspect of the trip now in place work could begin on sourcing suitable accommodation and events space where relaxation and absorbing the Brussels scene was a paramount importance.

Once we had the event that we wanted in place, direct invitations went out to some key figures in the New York Mayors office (who sent two members over for the experience) as well as invites to the key designers, architects and developers in New York State.

So, with such an attractive opportunity, interest was easy to come by and a delegation of 30 were flown from New York to Brussels for an action packed and educational event in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe


With the client taking on the expenses for the event it was imperative that we kept costs to a minimum whilst ensuring we provided accommodation and event space that were of a high standard and showing a significant level of environmental compliance.

Travel and transport for the delegates when they got to Brussels was complex as, whilst we provided them with the “most appropriate” options for their flights some opted to arrive and depart at different times so our events team had to be very reactive to extended stays and last minute changes in travel plans.



17 October 2017


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