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Production: The Unsung Hero

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Any event professional will tell you quality production is essential to a successful event. And that’s because people notice if it goes wrong! If your stage plunges into darkness, microphones or speakers cut out or monitors fail, there’s no covering it up. There’s nowhere to hide.

Unlike other areas of an event that you might be able to doctor at the last minute, audio visual is an area that you need to get right. No matter how tight the budget, don’t opt for cheap. Spend the money and pick a partner who will get it right.

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Use an approved or recommended supplier and check their performance record. Ask them questions about when things have gone wrong for them at events in the past: what did they do, how did they recover the situation, what do they do differently now? Ask to see some of the equipment. Is it up to date, does it look in good condition, is it well kept in appropriate storage and containers, is the PACT testing up to date? Get a feel for their experience and attention to detail. If you have any doubts, choose someone else.

Quality over cost

There’s a saying: Pay cheap, pay twice. And whilst this is often true, production doesn’t have to cost the earth in order to deliver quality. You’re looking for decent equipment that can do the job, at a reasonable price. However, maintaining any sort of technology can be expensive and the supplier will have costs to cover. Sound systems will date, software will need to be updated regularly, new products will become available. A decent production company will want to stay on top of their game and be able to provide customers with the best equipment possible. You’re looking for a balance between quality and price. But remember, it’s not just the equipment you are paying for, it’s the time and expertise of the operators too. A sound deck, speakers, rigging equipment, screens, staging etc, will all need building and setting up (to health and safety standards), running and disabling again. In this vein, customer service is equally as important as the equipment when it comes to your event audio visual needs…

Customer service

A good production company will give you what you need whilst offering a level of service that can provide more if needed. An experienced company will know where the potential pitfalls are and account for this in their planning. If you suddenly find one of your speakers arrives with an assistant who also needs a microphone, you would expect your production supplier to have a spare one ready to go. A presentation you were expecting to be in PowerPoint, arrives in Mac format or vice versa; does your production company have a converter?


The best way to avoid any production hiccups is to involve your production manager in all planning meetings. A good production company will contribute at all levels. As you event develops; exhibitors sign-up, delegates confirm attendance etc, your production requirements may need tweaking. Keep your production manager clued up on any changes so they can suggest or make any amends to your production order to avoid any mistakes on event day.

At Right Events we work with only the best production companies, and by this we mean companies we trust and have used many times before. We’ve built up relationships with event designers, staging companies and audio visual suppliers to ensure our events are the best they can be. We know how to brief these companies to deliver the right goods for your event. Managing so many different suppliers can be a difficult task if you’re unfamiliar with the field or don’t know what you need. Allow us to manage this, and the rest of your event for you. Right time, right place, right everything, Right Events. Call us on +44 (0) 333 577 1131 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to discuss your next event.

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