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Technology is, quite literally, everywhere!

It takes a particularly ardent technophobe or bona fide recluse to manage even an hour in the modern day without a message or email ping, social media notification, touch screen, interactive ticket system, shopping barcode scanner, PC, iPad or even a buzzer to tell you when your restaurant table is ready!

No matter how hard some may try, technology plays a huge part in our day-to-day lives and is simply integral in many of the things we do; often without us even realising it.

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Right Events are pleased to again be an integral part in this years' Passive House Conference and Expo in New York.

Our fifth year as part of this industry defining event, it is a redit to the Right Events team and its ability to deliver such incredible international events.

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It might come as a surprise to many people that event management is an incredibly stressful job. It’s been ranked as high as 5th by Career Cast[1]. That’s right behind being a soldier, a firefighter, a pilot and a police officer comes the indestructible event planner. This might come as a shock but it’s common knowledge that planning events could have a significant effect on stress levels particularly right before an event.

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